The Art Of Packing By Louis Vuitton Shows You How To Pack Efficiently

Packing efficiently can be considered an art. This interactive guide to packing from Louis Vuitton can teach you a few tips and tricks for maximising your suitcase space and folding your clothes to reduce wrinkles.

You'll find step-by-step guides to packing clothes and accessories for both men and women, and you can choose between a trunk, rolling suitcase or carry-on bag (all LV luggage examples, naturally, but you can adapt the tips to any kind of luggage). The web app highlights which pieces to pack first and shows you the best way to fold clothes. For example, click on the shirt to button it up, turn it over, fold in the sleeves, and unfold the collar to make it ready for packing.

While we've featured lots of other tips for packing perfectly for a trip before, this is a fun visual guide that covers a range of items.

The Art of Packing [Louis Vuitton via Apartment Therapy]


    I was wondering if this video was going to cost us $50.

      You're supposed to watch the video, not buy the suitcase, oh wait...

    Vuitton baby, Vuitton... Love it.

    Why the hell would people who buy Louis Vuitton pack their own luggage?
    Don't they have a house full of servants who can do that for them?

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