Taskk To-Do App Manages Your Time For You

Taskk is a new to-do app that solves the common problem of trying to figure out what to do next. Give each task a time estimate, drag them into priority order, and Taskk will set up a plan of action based on how much time you have.

The web app offers all the features you'd probably need from a to-do app, including multiple lists, sharing and email reminders (the daily agenda is very useful, telling you how many hours you have to work with today and what your tasks are). Ranking tasks is really simple — just drag them to the top or bottom of the list to assign their priority.

The Planner is Taskk's killer feature. When you add a task, you're forced to really think about how much time it will take. Then set the number of hours you have to working on your tasks each day and Taskk will magically plan your days for you based on how much time each task takes, which ones have the highest priority, and how much time you have to work with.

Taskk is in invite-only beta now, but the first 2000 Lifehacker readers can get in the door now with the link below. Give it a try aqnd let us know what you think in the comments.



    I just had a play around (thanks for the link for the beta) and I really like it.
    If they made an app (I use an iPhone and iPad but obviously an Android and WP7 app would be nice too) that syncs with the web app I would definately use it.

    Toodledo also has the capacity to include an estimated time required for each task as you create it, and will show the tally of these times for each calendar day. (It also includes a timer feature that allows you to keep track of how long the task *really* took.)

    Then, in the paid version of Toodledo, there is a function where you provide the time you have available (e.g. 3 hours this afternoon) and it will give you a to do list based on priority and your estimated durations. A very nice touch in this feature is that you can specify whether long tasks are splittable, e.g. a four hour writing task might be divided into two blocks of time, but if you tell Toodledo that the task can't be split for some reason, then it won't suggest it if you don't have the full period of time available.

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