Subscribe To Feed Extension Brings Back Safari's RSS Button

Safari: One change in the Mountain Lion version of Safari is the removal of the RSS subscribe button. Subscribe to Feed is a Safari extension that brings the button back so you can quickly add RSS feeds to your favourite RSS reader.

The RSS subscribe button has been in Safari for a long time, and if you find yourself missing it in Safari 6, Subscribe to Feed is a simple way to get it back. When you click the Subscribe to Feed button on a page with an RSS feed, the extension will load up your favourite RSS reader and add it to your subscriptions. You can't subscribe directly to your Google Reader, but if you use an application like NetNewsWire or Reeder, it'll open right up.

Subscribe to Feed [Red Sweater via TUAW]


    My favourite RSS reader was Safari 5.

    Why can't I just have that. What was wrong with bookmarking my RSS feeds? They updated regularly, I could open in new tabs, and if I was away for a few days I would see *all* of my unread articles listed all the way back to when I last opened that feed. Not the last 10 or something. And I didn't have to sign up to some Google service to list my feeds for me.

    Forgive me but I feel like I have less control over my internet experience with the new Safari.

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