Stop Kids From Falling Off The Bed With The Help Of Pool Noodles

Do your kids somehow roll themselves off the bed in their sleep? Put your neglected pool noodles to good use as bumpers that make it more difficult for your kids to accidentally end up on the floor. Simply add a pool noodle to each side under the fitted sheet.

This tip comes from Reddit user RyVal, who says that all you need to do is insert two pool noodles under the fitted sheet on each side of the bed. It may not work if your kid is a heavy-duty roller, but it's a cheap and simple solution that may be worth a try.

Kids fall out of bed? 1 fitted sheet + 1 pool noodle [Reddit]


    I have always used rope.

    You're messing with Darwin's Theory.

    This is a terrible suggestion because some stupid parent somewhere is going to use one to stop a baby rolling out of a bed. Instead, they'll suffocate.

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