Speero Is A Simple System Manager For iPad

iPad (Jailbroken): For a long time, SBSettings has been the default go-to for system management on jailbroken devices. If you’re looking for something new and different, Speero is the new kid on the block that does similar things but comes with more features.

Speero operates like a system manager, app launcher and settings manager all in one. You can set up custom Activator actions that trigger different events and quickly toggle settings. Speero also shows system management settings that allow you to kill apps, track RAM and more. It has a lot of functionality, and you can customise it in lots of ways. How much use you’ll get out of it depends on how deep you want to dig, but if you like customising the way you use your iPad, Speero is worth a look. You can find Speero in the Big Boss Repository for 99¢.

Speero [Big Boss Repository via Redmond Pie]


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