Sparrow, Our Favorite Email Client For Mac, Is $5.49 This Weekend Only

OS X: Whether you're pondering a new desktop email client or you just want an alternative to Thunderbird, Sparrow, our favourite email client for the Mac is available now for $5.49 (50 per cent off) in the Mac App Store until July 16.

The sale price is only available through the Mac App Store, so you won't see it at the Sparrow site, but if you want to see what makes Sparrow such a great client, you can check out all of its features here, or check out our App Directory post about it. Whether you've been thinking about giving Sparrow a try, or you've been using the free Sparrow Lite and considering an upgrade, now is a great time to buy.

Sparrow [Mac App Store]


    Love Sparrow. Used to just use gmail webmail but got frustrated with the lack of offline access. Sparrow integrates nicely with all the gmail features.

    Seriously considered getting it, but it cant support Outlook which is unfortunate.
    I need an alternative Mail application to Mail and Outlook. Sparrow looked great but oh well.

      What do you mean that it doesn't support Outlook? In what way?

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