Soft Drinks And Skate Decks: Fotobia's Studio

Whether it's a home or an office, a good space requires personality. The photography studio of Fotobia has it in excess — the walls are filled with vintage-style screen prints, old hanging cameras, supermarket signs and skate decks. Despite all the fun in the office, the workspace isn't lacking in practical charm.

Daniel Goncalves, owner of Fotobia, offers an endearing story about how the space came together:

The studio is located in a historic seminary that was converted into lofts near downtown Jacksonville. [My wife] Magda was getting fed up with my gear taking over our living space; as punishment, I got my dream studio. She has always had a love for design, graphic elements, spaces. So when we found this loft, we created the clean, modern design together.

His studio is a great example of how you don't need a lot of space to make something functional and beautiful:

The studio is not huge, but it fits our needs perfectly. It's right on the line of being just big enough to shoot in, but not so big that we don't use all the space. I love the view; it feels like we're in a secluded warehouse district. While brainstorming, I like getting lost in the image of cars on the highway looking like they are driving over the rooftops of the adjacent buildings.

Want to see more? Hit up Herman Miller Lifework for more photos and an interview with Daniel.

Studio Tour: Fotobia [Herman Miller Lifework]


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