Round Your Deposits And Withdrawals To Save For A Rainy Day

Need to build an emergency fund but horrible at keeping a budget? Financial weblog Live Real, Now recommends rounding deposits down and expenses up to create room for error in your checking account.

Live Real, Now recommends rounding down each deposit by $50 and rounding each expense up by $10. The weblog refers to this as the "Sloppy maths System". It definitely wouldn't work for everyone (especially if you have multiple two-dollar or less transactions) but if your idea of budgeting is looking at your account to see if you can go out to dinner with your friends, it may help you save toward an emergency fund, holiday fund, or any other middle-term savings goal.

In a sense tips like this are no different than putting all your leftover coins in a jar when you come home in that they are minor financial tweaks that won't rebuild your financial outlook but they can help move you in the right direction so you're meeting your goals and now blowing a third of your pay on lattes and smokes.

How to Live Happily Without a Budget [Live Real, Now]


    People still use checkbooks?? ... Oh, Americans......

      I think they just call them checking accounts because they used to be linked to a checkbook; nowadays a checking account is like a transaction account here (i.e. linked to a debit card) in the US... I think.

        Checking accounts are indeed linked to checkbooks (as well as a debit card option usually) and they are astonishingly popular in the US. Americans write checks for all sorts of things, including to pay for their groceries at the supermarket.

    That's a horrible misuse of the philosiraptor meme. I am disappoint.

    I wholeheartedly agree with both Daniel and Bailey.

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