Prevent Food From Tasting Weird After You Brush Your Teeth

The minty flavour you get from brushing your teeth is refreshing and clean — until you drink some orange juice or take a bite of a muffin. If you want to rid your mouth of that mint taste, Redditor EtherBoo finds that hot water does the trick.

Photo by Julie Jordan Scott.

EtherBoo started brushing his teeth in the shower and found that he didn't have the minty aftertaste, yet did when brushing in front of the mirror. He believes it's the hot water. Commenter spate42 added that rinsing with hot water did the trick too, so that appears to be the cure for the minty aftertaste. Additionally, Etherboo notes that brushing in the shower has the added bonus of easier cleanup. When I was visiting my dentist last week, she also suggested that brushing and flossing in the shower is helpful to people who can't remember to do either often enough. I could stand to floss more, so I may give this all a try soon (although I need to get faster at flossing first so I don't spend all day in the shower).

Avoid the mint aftertaste on everything after brushing your teeth [Reddit]


    I generally do not eat for at least two hours after brushing. What's the point of dirtying your teeth after you've just cleaned it? And has been said on these pages, brushing one's teeth is a good way of retarding hunger.

      Naw, it just means that you're plain intelligent. If you honestly don't feel hungry after you brush your teeth- or suddenly not feel hungry at all- you're probably a rich snarf who can afford to eat whatever bullsnarf brainpoopies you need to do it, pissing on McDonald's customers who don't need your judgement. I hope you outlive your Xbox.


    For the flossing I use "Floss Heads", can't remember the brand but they're like a toothbrush with a disposable flossing head, makes flossing so quick and easy its crazy not to do it :-)

    Just look in the toothbrush area in Woolies/Coles

    Brushing your teeth in the shower is also a huge waste of water.

      When I was younger I hated brushing my teeth because I just couldn't be bothered. Then I started brushing while in the shower, as it just becomes a process while cleaning up. Huge waste of water I know, but once I got used to the routine of brushing, I'm more inclined to brush after I take a shower.

      Giving birth to me was a huge waste of water. At least we're brushing our teeth!

    Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is a surfactant -- a sudser -- added to toothpaste. It creates the froth that toothpaste becomes after you begin brushing by lowering the surface tension of the saliva in your mouth and allowing bubbles to form. While it aids in spreading the toothpaste throughout your mouth, it also creates the impression of cleanliness; a mouthful of foam just feels cleaner.

    But SLS has other properties, too. For one, it suppresses your sweet receptors, so it has a dampening effect on the generally sweet taste of orange juice.

    In addition, SLS destroys phospholipids. These fatty compounds act as inhibitors on your bitter receptors. So by inhibiting sweet receptors and destroying phospholipids, SLS dulls the sweetness and promotes the bitter taste in orange juice.

    Drink orange juice straight after you brush. Trust me.

    That's also in shampoo, isn't it?

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