Power A Glow Stick With An LED Light

Glow sticks are fun, and you can even make them yourself, but the light will fade in a few hours. If you'd like to keep your glow stick's glow for longer than that you can attach the casing of a glow stick to a coloured LED light to get the same effect but for a much longer duration.

YouTube user DJSickness shares his method of converting a used glow stick into an LED-powered light. You'll want to cut open one end of the glow stick with a utility knife, drain the liquid, and cut two notches to fit around the bulb of the LED light, and secure the light to the housing with electrical tape.

LED Tutorial [YouTube via PopFi]


    Seriously? I just bought a bunch of LED glowsticks @ $2 each from my local discount shop. No need to deal with the glowstick chemicals and broken glass. Probably cheaper than buying the glowstick + keyring.

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