Postbox Email Client Now Only $10

Windows/Mac: Now that Thunderbird has all but shut down development, some of you may be looking for a new desktop email client. Postbox, one of our favourite email clients around, is on sale, and it's the perfect replacement.

What makes it such a great alternative? Well, for one, it's actually based off Thunderbird, so Thunderbird users will feel right at home in Postbox's interface. However, it also has a number of extra features, including:

It used to be a bit more expensive at $US20, but with Thunderbird calling it quits, they've lowered their price to $US10 to entice former Thunderbird users. It's a pretty great deal, and you can try it for 30 days before you buy. Hit the link to read more, or go straight to Postbox's home page to give it a shot.

Postbox is a $US10 download for Windows and Mac.

An Awesome Alternative for Thunderbird Users [Postbox Blog]


    You should also have a look at Zimbra Desktop client. Free to use, runs on Windows, Mac and Linux and I certainly like the look and feel. I haven't used Postbox to compare with Zimbra, but definitely better than Thurnderbird.

      Thanks, Ill have a look at Zimbra.
      TB was free, so why would I switch to Postbox when its built off TB and I have to pay?

    i just dont understand why people still use email clients. all my email accounts (work and personal) are setup in my gmail account. between nested labels, saving to Drive, undoing and scheduled sending and half a dozen other great Lab features its far better than all these email clients.

      Because some people don't want Google (or any other company) having access to all of their private communications. I used to do the same and used gmail for everything, however I recently switched to a shared hosting plan purely for e-mail. IMO it was very cheap but most importantly its private. I use Thunderbird for the desktop and K9 for my Galaxy Note to access it

        If you think your email is private then you don't understand what 1. What your ISP can read and you don't know what the hosting company can read. The only real privacy is printing it our and putting that paper in a safe. I trust Google.

      You don't need to understand. Just accept it and be happy.

      I use Thunderbird so I have a local backup of all my Mail. Plus I can search my mail for over ten years, before I started using GMail.

    or you could continue to use thunderbird?

      yea, they are going to continue to develop security for it, just no new features. but when was the last one anyway.

    I'm a long-time Postbox user, but I wouldn't switch to them now! The same time they lowered the price, they cut off all tech support!
    So, they tell us all to help each other, but they don't have the forum to do it in or allow us to post to their facebook page
    I've now got 2-year-old bugs in their system that they've closed and won't allow updating or entering new bugs. And, they haven't responded to this in the last few days.

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