Photograph Your Hotel Room Door To Remember The Room Number

Magnetic swipe room keys are standard issue at newer hotels, but unlike old-fashioned keys they don't have a room number on them. Good for security, not so good if you're forgetful. Rather than carrying around the little cardboard wallet the key comes in, snap a photograph of your door on your phone.

That point is highlighted in the slightly cheesy travel tips video featured above, which includes Aussie tennis great Pat Rafter. We've mentioned the usefulness of photographing things you need to remember when travelling before, and it's a point worth reinforcing.

Perversely, one of the easiest ways to ruin a magnetic swipe key is to store it in the same pocket as your phone. I usually store mine in my wallet.


    Dial your hotel room number into your phone as through you making a phone call. Then later you can look it up on recent calls.

    Slow news day when you're re-writing articles from Feb 2012...

      Some of us are newer readers.

    can't people remember small numbers these days? It's not like the hotel number is going to 6 or 7 digits long.

    Take a photo of the key too while yer at it.. :)

    I just look at the number on the key. But Im wild like that.

      I also like to read the title of articles, then post, then read the article.

        hahaha - nice one dude. I'm also guilty of that.

    What a brilliantly simple idea. How the hell didn't I think of it before?

    Just enter into your phone and hit dial. That way it will be in your call history. IMO, much easier to access 'last dialled' than accessing the gallery on your phone.

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