Paint Decorative Accents Using An Overhead Projector As A Stencil

Looking for a way to liven up your home's walls? You can easily and inexpensively paint decorative accents if you have access to an overhead projector. Just photocopy the pattern you want onto a transparency and project that onto the surface you want to decorate.

Family living weblog Sawdust and Embryos shares this method from the author's recent kitchen remodel. After projecting the image on the wall they traced the design with a pencil and hand-painted the accent. In the photo above the wall was painted with flat paint and the accent used high-gloss paint of the same colour. The same method was applied to a restored changing table.

If you have access to an overhead project, this could be a lot less hassle than trying to use a stencil or freehand a design on your wall. If your tastes are geekier than flowers and curlicues you could always use this technique to create a Star Wars-style space battle on your wall.

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