Need A Good, Fun Workout? Train For The Zombie Apocalypse

Need A Good, Fun Workout? Train For The Zombie Apocalypse

You can get fit doing all sorts of things, whether that means standard exercise or training for the zombie apocalypse. Fitness expert Roger Lawson demonstrates how escaping and combatting the undead can lead to a really great workout.

Photo by mebrett

A friend of Roger’s, Leigh Peele, put together a zombie cardio challenge that went something like this (and you can see Roger accomplish in the video above):

  1. Drop on the ground to avoid friendly shotgun fire — 10 reps
  2. Alternating head smashes — 20 reps
  3. Pushing a getaway vehicle that ran out of petrol — two minutes
  4. You’re on fire! — 60 second rolls
  5. Chain link fence climbs — three rows
  6. Sprinting — 60 seconds
  7. Sledgehammer decapitations — 10 reps
  8. Alternating “chainsaw won’t start” pulls — 20 reps
  9. “My foot is half eaten” crawls — 60 yards

This routine demonstrates a couple of important things: you can create an exercise out of most anything, and adding a narrative to your workout routine makes it a little more fun. It’s why apps like Zombies, Run! are effective — there’s a story behind why you’re exercising. While you’re probably not going to be pushing a stalled vehicle right out of the gate, when planning your exercise routine it’s worth considering a fun story to include with it. Running, lifting and other traditional activities can get a little redundant, but you can breathe new life into the same old thing with a story.

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