My Xbox LIVE Controls Your Xbox 360 From Your iPhone, iPad Or iPod Touch

iOS and Xbox 360: While you're going to want a controller to actually play games, a tablet can often be a better way to control a media centre. When you're watching videos, playing music, or using your Xbox more as a media centre, you can employ your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to take control.

On top of being an alternative media centre controller, the app allows you to change your avatar, check achievements, and more. It won't allow you to actually play games, but chances are you wouldn't want to use a touchscreen for that. If you've got an iDevice at the ready more often than a game controller, just grab the free app and connect it to your Xbox.

My Xbox LIVE (Free) [iTunes App Store via Cult of Mac]


    Is there an equivalent app for PlayStation3?

    yeh i wish Sony would make an Android app for PS3

    That is awesome - just had a play and it works brilliantly for video playback.

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