Mountain Lion Explained In Five Minutes

Mountain Lion Explained In Five Minutes

Watch the video above to get your five minute explanation of the things you need to know about OS X Mountain Lion. If you prefer to read, you’ll find a screenshot tour below of all the features demonstrated in the video.

Notification Center

Notification Center gathers all the alerts and messages that pop up on your Mac and saves them into a handy bar on the side of your computer. You can access your notification history by clicking the list icon in the top right corner of the menu bar. If you want to edit your Notification Center settings, go to the Notifications section of System Preferences. You’ll be able to decide what kind of notifications individual apps provide, or turn them off entirely.

iCloud (And Documents In The Cloud)

Notes and Reminders




Share Sheets

AirPlay Mirroring

Security And Privacy Settings

The Privacy tab features some new privacy settings. This is where you can approve or deny an app’s permission to access your contacts, location, or Twitter account. It’s a good idea to audit this section occasionally to make sure certain apps don’t have access to data you don’t want them to see.

Want to learn more? Check out Apple’s overview of Mountain Lion’s 200+ new features.

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