MDB Downloads Art, Ratings And More To Your Movie Collection

Windows/Linux: IMDB is a great reference tool for learning more about the movies you have in your collection. MDB is a simple application that makes the most of IMDB by scanning your collection and displaying each film's IMDB information.You can scan each film's rating, poster art, director, major actors, year of production, plot synopsis and more, all in one window. But what makes MDB really unique is that it can sift through oddly named and parsed movie names and file names to determine what the actual film should be called. It's a tiny, lightweight shell application, and it only pulls up the UI when you right-click on a folder and ask it to analyse the contents. Some home theatre apps have this functionality built in, but if you're not interested in installing one of them just to scan through a folder full of movies to decide what to watch, MDB is worth considering.

MDB is free, fast and supports proxies, so it will work just about anywhere. Give it a try and let us know what you think — or if you have an alternative tool — in the comments below.

MDB — Movie Dir Browser [Github]


    Any idea if it adds the info to the file metadata?

      Indeed, this is key.
      I use "MetaX" for this purpose. It's good enough that I actually bought it! (also $10 isn't much, considering how much time it's saved me...). If you use any iDevice or Apple gear to read the ID3 tags, it works great.

      I do wish the various DLNA servers would agree on one standard for reading the tags, but I'm just happy to kit my movies out with full metadata from high-quality cover art to production credits and blurbs.

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