Make Your Own Pocketable Arduino Kit

Arduinos are already pretty small, but they're still not conducive to travelling. Instructables user sath02 wanted to take his electronics tinkering on the road with him, so he built a pocket-sized Arduino kit.

The kit uses a palm-size Arduino board made with an ATMega and a boot loader. From there, it also includes a tiny breadboard, a homemade 5V voltage regulator, and a USB. It's all packed into a tiny antistatic container. The end result is a completly portable, self-contained Arduino kit that can go with you just about everywhere. Head over to Instructables for a full breakdown of all the parts, schematics and directions.

Palm Arduino Kit [Instructables]


    perhaps this would have been a better starting point
    no need to carry a usb cable either

      Amen to that. Plus you get the USB emulations, RGB and buzzer to annoy people with.

    Why not learn how to code the atmel properly? I shudder whenever I hear the word arduino


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