Make Bookshelves From Ladders

There's no need to spend a lot of money on fancy bookshelves. With two-step ladders and planks of wood, you can create your own bookshelf in minutes — no tools required.

Besides being a low-cost alternative to a wall of bookcases (especially if you can find ladders secondhand or already have two ladders), the ladder shelves are easy to put up and take down.

Shelves from Ladders [Indulgy via]


    Might be cheap, but looks like shit!

    not sure of your definition of 'cheap' but last time I checked, ladders weren't that cheap. ~$100 each for low quality ladders already puts this 'cheap' bookcase in an expensive field. Not to mention that if you use your own ladders you lose any possible other use you had for them.

    yea i only opened this to say that it would be way cheaper to buy an actual bookcase.

    you can make shelving from planks and pretty much anything. bricks, buckets, old computer towers, whatever.

    If you could find a matching pair of old wooden ladders, this one would probably turn out pretty nice.

    A real book shelf is cheaper and doesn't look like shit.

    Not to mention half of your books are blocked by the ladder legs...

    You could pick up a vintage or antique bookshelf (nothing overly
    fancy) for around the price it would cost to buy 2 6 foot ladders +
    shelving from either an auction or dealer.

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