Lovehacker: Use Coconut Oil When You Need To Get Slippery With Your Partner

Lifehacker reader Jennifer writes in with this tip: "Coconut oil has many benefits, but one of my favourite uses is as a sexual lubricant."

Picture by Vegan Baking

"My partner loves it too," Jennifer continues. "Every time I mention it to sales clerks when I'm buying it they always say they've never heard that but that people ask for more natural options!

If you're allergic to commercial lubricants or just have an amorous emergency and a well-stocked kitchen, it's one to bear in mind — though the commenter below who notes it isn't a good idea in conjunction with condoms also raises an issue to bear in mind. Thanks Jennifer!


    Mmm slippery coconuts...

    I'll vouch for this. It's even better than commercial lubes.

    Note though that oils should not be used with any latex products, particularly condoms. Any kind of oil has the potential to weaken latex and make breakages more likely. A bad thing if you want to avoid STIs and/or pregnancy.

      you mean there's a subset who use condoms despite not caring about STIs or pregnancy? How delightful!

      Pretty Sure that's just petroleum/mineral based products. Like Vaseline , baby oil ect.

        It isn't.

        The latex itself isn't even of mineral origin.

      The same goes for diaphragms (made out of the same stuff as condoms), so be careful ladies!

    Ewww.. Do we really have to read articles about lube on Lifehacker? Funny that it is under the "fix" category though.

      Most readers of lifehacker have sex. How is it not a relevant topic to improve on?

        Lifehacker readers aren't geeky virgins?

        Yeah, is there a hack for cutting down on knee-jerk prudish responses on message boards? I love sex. Who doesn't? We use coconut oil all the time - it lasts forever, tastes much better than most lubes, and has a warm feel. Much better than synthetics.

    My partner turned me onto Lifehacker and I turned him onto Coconut Oil... so I figured it went together quite well. Definitely a way to REALLY improve life!

    can we have a price list of who has cheapest coconut oil please?

    Haha I laughed at "Lovehacker". Has that phrase ever been used on Lifehacker before?

    I'm happy with sorbolene. We have been using it for over 30 years. Cheap ($5 a litre at one pharmacy), no nasty reactions, does the job and not messy like oils.

    We gave only been using it for a few weeks now. It's useful in cooking, for massages and the above listed reason. Im all for it because a little goes a long way and ours a solid at room temperature. It also doesn't leave you feeling overly sticky like baby oil and other things. I say, "make the change"

    This is old school, hardly news. Certainly not LifeHacker.

    Apparently the oil does stain sheets /fabrics

    Anothet good alternative is grape seed oil, avoid vegetable oils as thins can be bad for bacteria, infections and other nasties

    Why is she mentioning it to the sales person??? Seriously, why would you unless you really wanted them to know that you were sexually active?

    Anyway, I always have coconut oil in the house, I use it for skin and for cooking, i would never use it for this. It's just going to make a mess. Water based gel is way easier as far as clean up goes.

      Today I learned even girls like to show off they're getting laid.

    Worst parts picking the husk bark out of your privates.

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