2013 Extends Deadline For Papers

1 2013 Extends Deadline For Papers

The deadline for submitting paper proposals for 2013 in Canberra was originally supposed to be last Friday, but has now been extended by a fortnight. Am I bitter that I set aside time to make sure I submitted my proposal before the deadline? No. (Grinds teeth.)

Actually, I’m glad I didn’t know about the extension until after the deadline changed — I’d already waited until the last day as it was to finish working on my draft. The new closing date is now June 20.

While we’re talking open source conferences, a reminder that WordCamp Sydney 2012 is coming up in a fortnight and you can score a discount on the registration fee.


  • Angus — we do appreciate you getting the proposal in for that first deadline. It makes the review team’s life so much easier to have the bulk of submissions in so they can start wading through them. That new closing date would be July 20 by the way.

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