Keep A Soap-Filled Dish Wand In The Shower For Easy Cleaning

Whether you like to clean as-you-go, or you just want an easier way to scrub down your shower walls when it’s time to clean the bathroom, consider keeping a dish wand — you know, the kind where you fill the handle with soap — in the shower so you can pick it up, wet the sponge, and scrub the walls or tub whenever you need to. Add a little vinegar and dishwashing liquid, or dishwashing liquid and a few drops of bleach to the handle and leave it in the corner of your shower and it’s ready to go.

While the tip here originates from Pinterest user Karlene, I’ve actually been doing this for a while now, and it really makes bathroom cleaning much easier, and when I notice the occasional discoloration in the grout or stain from the bottom of a can on the tub, I can clean it right away. My mix of choice is some bleach and dish soap, but Karlene suggests vinegar and dish soap (whatever you do though, do not mix bleach and vinegar!)

The best part of this tip was that I repurposed an old dish wand for the bathroom when I got a new one for the kitchen, so it didn’t cost a dime. Even if you opt to buy one for the purpose, they’re pretty cheap. What do you think? Willing to give this a try, or are you fine with a sponge or Magic Eraser? Sound off in the discussions below.

Stuff I Love! [Pinterest via TipNut]

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