Join YouTube's Feature Beta To Trim The Fat From YouTube Pages

YouTube's Feather beta is designed to give YouTube viewers the fastest experience possible by stripping back on-page features such as expanding share boxes, collapsible comments and related videos. The layout isn't drastically different, but it's worth a look if you find videos slow to buffer or that they fail to load altogether.We were hoping that YouTube comments would go away along with the rest of the page bloat, but we weren't so lucky. Instead of being collapsible, the first few comments are now fixed text on the page, and you can't upvote or downvote them.

Aside from that, the page layout has been simplified, and the only buttons you have under a video now are the thumbs up/thumbs down/flag buttons. The "related videos" section on the right side of the page is pared down to five videos only, and most of the other interactive elements on the page are gone, such as pop-out menus and frames that slide open when you click on them.

YouTube alters its general layout so often that many of us don't notice the changes. But if the current iteration is too busy for you, or it takes too long to load a video, give the Feather beta a try at the link below. You can opt out of it at any time (you'll see a box below the related videos asking if you want out). YouTube says that the Feather view may not work for all videos and is still a work in progress. Give it a whirl and let us know what you think in the comments below.

"Feather" Beta [YouTube]


    Checkout Youtube Options for Chrome.

    I miss the panda layout

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