Insync For Gmail Syncs Your Attachments To Google Drive (And Dropbox, Soon)

Insync for Gmail takes the attachments in your inbox and automatically syncs them to Google Drive (and, sometime soon, Dropbox) based on labels. For example, if you were to add the label @Drive to a message, Insync could automatically send it to your Google Drive account.

Watch the video above for a quick demonstration.

You may remember our previous look at Insync back when it launched as a Google Docs and file syncing service. With Google Drive offering a very similar product directly from Google, Insync has been adding features to try and offer a better option. A new — and very cool — feature added today is the ability to sync your Gmail attachments to your Google Drive or (in the near future) Dropbox account simply by adding the @Drive or @Dropbox label to any message (respectively).

You can do this manually, or you can set up an email filter that automatically labels messages with an attachment so everything syncs without any interaction on your behalf. (Of course, this isn't necessarily the most secure choice.) It's very simple, requires practically no effort on your part to work, and you just have to link your Gmail account with your Insync account — there's nothing to download.

Insync also released a version of its desktop syncing software for Linux. To check it out, or to get started with the new Gmail feature, head on over to the Insync blog for more information.

Introducing...Insync for Linux and Gmail [Insync Blog]


    Posted in the comments on the blog this article links to is a nifty GoogleDocs script that does the same thing without giving access to a third party.
    Tried it out and is churning away in the background beautifully. Gives me some ideas for other scripts for sorting saved invoices and reminders that I send to myself.
    After breakfast, I'll probably set up Hazel to move all my GDrive stuff into Dropbox since there's more space there and It's already set up with my all my docs.

    Does this sync every attachment to drive? that could get annoying.
    I use GMail attachments to drive.
    It's only available to Chrome users as an app, but it gives you the option to download to drive, as a button next to the download/view button in each email.
    very handy.

    Another option is ( which gives you advanced options for manually or automatically sending attachments to Drive, Dropbox or Box. It also allows you to share files back out of Drive without leaving Gmail.

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