iExplorer 3 Is A Complete iOS Management Tool

Windows and Mac: We've long been fans of iExplorer, as it's a great way to access your iDevice's file system, but the latest update brings a whole bunch of new features that make it a complete way to manage most anything on your device.

iExplorer 3 now lets you browse just about any kind of data your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch has stored on it (or in backup). This means viewing your text messages, playing your music in an integrated player, looking at your photos, consulting your calendar or checking your notes.

You also have the option of exporting your data, generally to a choice of formats. It's also a bit easier to navigate your device — either through the app or mounted as a disk — and access app data as well. It's a nice upgrade, though it's not the cheapest app around. If you're already a fan of iExplorer, you'll be happy to see some really helpful changes.

iExplorer 3 (Free demo, $US35 with 10% off at launch) [Macroplant]


    If you don't need to log it into your iTunes account or "authorise" the computer, that's worth the money right there. is free, maybe not as pretty.

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