Has Bing Removed Kogan From Its Results Because Of The 'IE7 Tax'?

Kogan's recent IE7 tax was a cheeky way for the online retailer to promote itself, as well as a reminder that many people are still using seriously-out-of-date browsers. Has Microsoft now retaliated by removing the main Kogan site from Bing search results?

A post on Kogan's site notes that searching for Kogan.com on Bing produces links Kogan's Facebook and Twitter pages as well as news stories and the Wikipedia article about the company, but doesn't actually ever link to the front page of the Kogan.com site. The same effect was evident when I searched simply for 'Kogan' or for 'Kogan.com.au' on Bing, while Google produces a link to Kogan's online store as the top result, as you can see above. As Kogan's post points out, Bing is also used to power Yahoo! search results, though both are still minnows compared to Google's dominance of the search market.

I'm a great believer in the theory that you should never assume malice when incompetence could also be an equally valid explanation for a problem. Given Bing's patchy record, it's possible that the search engine has never actually produced the "obvious" result when searching for Kogan or Kogan.com. In other words, its results may have been poor for a long time, not just since Kogan's stunt.

That said, it does seem odd for the main Kogan site not to appear anywhere at all in the first page of Bing's results, whether you search for Kogan, kogan.com and kogan.com.au.

Kogan.com mysteriously disappears from Microsoft Search Engines [Kogan]


    The 3 users of bing won't care, anyway.

      The people that use bing wouldnt know what a 'Kogan' is anyway

    I don't understand why Kogan has done this to be honest due to the fact that if you know how to build a web site correctly, the same code can be used for Version 7 and up for IE and any other web browser for that matter. The only thing I can think is that he is starting to move the site to HTML5 native code which isn't supported by IE7.

    To Greg - I use Bing and I think it's a lot better than Google but that's a personal opinion. The results are teh same when searching but I find Bing better when presenting information and Google is even changing a few things it displays because of Bing.

      Sure, you can write cross-browser code at a basic level. But as soon as you want it to look half decent you will always need a bunch of IE specific hacks. This is a chore that wouldn't exist if IE7 wasn't around.

        If you code in very basic terms. But anything using CSS3, no. Not at all.. My sites are coded the correct way. They don't show up correctly in IE7, but that's the users fault, not mine. I'm not going to waste my time getting the site to work for people to lazy to upgrade their browser.

      IE7 is still horrible in HTML 4, let alone HTML 5 as it still have workarounds that only got ironed out in IE8+.

      Being a web developer, I am happy with what Kogan is doing, doing hacks for IE6/IE7 is not something that is common these days and it does take time and effort for so many reason. Here are the troubles trying to support pre-IE8
      1. Without hacking, there is no way to get 2 different of IE installed
      2. Unless a developer is a pure web developer, it is hard to remember all the hacks required for IE6 and IE7 and having to waste time pulling hair, debugging and searching.

      I can go on and on with how much IE6 and IE7 gave me nothing but grief everytime I do web apps but I will stop there.

      Regardless of what the actual intent was, it was fantastic PR.

      Every time I see someone say "I use Bing" I can't help but instantly think "does this person work for Microsoft?" and I'm sure many many many others do too. I think that says enough about the Bing vs Google debate.

    No great loss to be honest! Kogan is a useless company and you genuinely get what you pay for - poorly built products with poor support. Used them once, NEVER AGAIN!

      Hmm....what product did you buy, and what product did you expect? seriously. I have bought a number of products from Kogan, I had an issue with one of the products (admittedly my fault) they asked for pictures of the affected item, and they just sent out a refurbished item to replace the boken part, no cost, no questions asked. I also found their sales support to be quiet good and very few delays in communicating back to me about my queries.

      I have bought so many products through Kogan and only ever had ONE problem. They asked me if I would prefer a refund or an item of the same price. I said refund and they made it so.
      Now it's the first place I go when looking for new things.

      I personally wouldn't buy one of their Kogan branded products however I bought a Samsung Galaxy Nexus from them and saved $300 off the Australian RRP. That's hardly useless!

      Kogan branded products, yes. Never in a million years. But I'd use them for other companies products. They're very competitive. Expansys is usually cheaper though.

    I'd be happy if people ditched IE8 as well. IE8's css support is lousy. Over the years, perhaps I've become lazy but it's nice to be able to stick rounded corners or drop shadow on something without having to go back to the age old graphics solution. A 23/100 score on acid 3 for IE8 pretty well says it all. These days there's no excuse for using IE. If you're on an older operating system use something else. There are plenty of choices unlike the old IE3 and Netscape days.

      One could argue that it is the user's perogative to use whatever browser they choose and that you should provide the appopriate exerience on your site that is available for their choice. Your personal decision not to do so says more about you than their choice of browser...

    Who cares? Micro$oft is a once innovative company in rapid decline. By 2016 they will be just another IBM.

    Or maybe Kogan is doing dodgy SEO?

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