Group Items In Your Pantry By Meal To Remember What To Cook

Group Items In Your Pantry By Meal To Remember What To Cook

Ever taken a look into your pantry, noticed a bunch of random canned goods, then walked away thinking you had nothing to eat? If you organise your pantry items by type, it’s easy to forget your meal plan, but household blog Squawkfox suggests one fix might be to organise by meal instead.

Photo by Amanda Slater.

The idea is that you just group all your items together by meal instead of container type. So instead of throwing all your canned goods together in a pile next to your pasta, group the makings for your marinara with the noodles. It might help you remember what you were planning to cook in the first place. Check out Squawkfox for more tips on organising your pantry.

How to organise the Perfect Pantry [Squawkfox]


  • No. The article does not say that. It is a stupid idea as well. Canned spaghetti and pasta are one of the few things that do not go together, the vast majority of ingredients can mix and match. Do you only cook 3 types of meal? Or is your pantry the size of a small warehouse? Arrrgh.

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