Google Tracks 2.0 Turns Your Exercise Trips Into Eye-Catching Data

Android: My Tracks, in its first version, was a nifty outdoor GPS tracking tool — if you were really comfortable with Google Spreadsheets. The just-out 2.0 My Tracks is much prettier, easier to activate, and shares out stats far more easily.

One year after open-sourcing the My Tracks code, the app now features quite a few neat features and smart improvements. A home screen widget that instantly activates tracking is quite handy, and the charts and statistics are much easier to read at a glance or dive into for a closer look. You can play back scenic rides, runs, or hikes on Google Earth, and sharing is quick through Twitter, Facebook and naturally, Google+.

My Tracks is free in the Play Store, and claims that its requirements "varies with device." Tell us what you think of the new My Tracks (especially as it compares to other freebies like RunKeeper Pro) in the comments.

My Tracks (2.0) [Play Store via Lat Long Blog]


    The software looks good, but I won't use an app like this unless it has a website or something I can use on my desktop to view the data.

    Until then I'll keep using Runkeeper.

    Been using this app for almost six months with great success. But something in the recent update has affected the GPS reliability, where this wasn't a problem before. Very discouraging to finish a 2 hour ride and discover that My Tracks recorded a distance of 190,000 plus kms at an average of 21,000 kms per hour. Never got those kind of readings before the update, and nothing else on my Galaxy S2 has changed. But when it works, it's great. Would love to see bigger text on the widget.

    After using Google Tracks for a year, I really like having this level of detail about my bike rides. V2.0 really was a step backwards in reliability. New version struggles to get a GPS location to start a track. If I touch the app in the middle of a ride (to check stats) it crashes -- leaving me with multiple segments that I can't glue together. Speaking of which, I would have much rather seen a reporting/graphing module than an update to the GUI. I have a year's worth of data and no way to effectively and nicely report against it.

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