Google Killing Off iGoogle

The latest casualty in Google's ongoing wave of product closures: iGoogle. Google has announced that it will shut down the customised home page option on November 1, 2013.

Given Google's ongoing efforts to convince everyone to use Google+, I'm not surprised that it wants to shut down an option which lets you change the way Google looks. And I suspect not too many people will care about this: there are plenty of other ways to set up your own customised start page if that's what you want.

Google is also killing off some other minor products, including its specific search app for Symbian phones and its Google Mini search appliance.

Spring cleaning in summer [Google Official Blog]


    This is not a good decision. Even with Chrome, I still loose massive functionality. I run a small business, and we all use iGoogle every day! We make extensive use of gtasks, contacts, gdocs, ect to make everything smooth and easy. Having it all on one page really does help. I could understand it if no one was using it...

    Lots of folks say iGoogle is slow...not really. If you take into consideration that the site is aggregating news from "other" web sites then you will see it's not really iGoogle.

    Just like Firefox...once you start adding Add-ons, start-up takes longer and the add-ons are busy sniffing traffic as that's how they work. As for iGoogle, it needs to get articles for the sites you're getting information from.

    Unlike Google+ (scrolling) not needed. No clicking needed, unless I want to read further into a headline.

    Just a head's-up Google. I am starting to convert to as they are the new standard for simple...and they don't track you either! All the tracking Google does, then they should know that there are a lot of us whom use iGoogle constantly. As a matter of fact, it was the first page I see every time I want to browse the web.

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