Get Google Now On Your Rooted Ice Cream Sandwich Phone

Get Google Now On Your Rooted Ice Cream Sandwich Phone

Android: Google Now is one of the coolest features of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, but if you’re running an Ice Cream Sandwich ROM, you can get it on your device with just a few small tweaks.

We’ve already noted that Google Now won’t work in Australia yet, in large part because the Knowledge Graph technology which underpins it isn’t yet widely available. Some Australians have reported seeing Knowledge Graph in their results, and you can force it on the desktop by changing your language to US English. That doesn’t guarantee it will work as well on a mobile device (since other factors come into play), but if you’re happy playing around with your installed ROMs you can always give it a shot.

This only works on AOSP Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs, so you won’t be able to get it if you’re running, say, an HTC Sense Ice Cream Sandwich ROM — you’ll need something like CyanogenMod 9. To get it working, download the APK and perform the following steps:

  1. Open Root Explorer or another root-enabled file explorer and go to /system.
  2. Tap the “Mount R/W” button, then scroll down to build.prop and press and hold on it. Tap “Open in Text Editor”.
  3. Find the line that says and change it to read Press the menu button and tap “Save and Exit”.
  4. Go to /system/app and hold-press GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk. Rename it to GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk1. If that file doesn’t exist (it didn’t for me), just skip this step.
  5. Reboot your phone and install the Google Now APK, once again available here.
  6. Go back and edit build.prop as described in step two, and change the line back to 15.

Not everything works perfectly (voice search is completely broken, for example), but it’s still much better than the current Google search app. You’ll get the advanced Knowledge Graph-based search, as well as smart cards for things like weather, nearby restaurants, and more. Note that every phone is different, so your experience may vary — hit the link below if you’re curious and see what happens.

Google Now for Ice Cream Sandwich [XDA Developers Forum via Talk Android]


  • Don’t know where your getting your info about Google Now not working in Aus cause its been fantastic on my nexus I wake up to traffic information to work or my client if I have a meeting in my calander it pulled up my flight details that is searched the day before just as I entered the terminal… my questions are answered properly and at 5pm it knows to show me the best route home sure I haven’t seen all the features and me lb sucks when it comes to public transport data but it most def seems to be working… I can’t wait for the aus language settings for voice search

  • Have you seen then 47 questions video? This thing is like a boss. I assume the functionality will drop a little being outside of US but it looks so good I can’t wait to try it Siri just got Owned.voice predictions go to cruise because right now I am hoping to correct a lot as you can see from zoloft send 10 voice recognition is still leasing a lot to be desired

  • Did the last part with voice recognition on 4.0.4 Gnex. What I was trying to say was I hope recognition improves because it leaves a lot to be desired

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