Frequently Update Your Resume To Keep It Visible To Recruiters

Submitting your resume to recruiters, job search agencies and sites can be dispiriting. In an advisory column for artists looking for work, the Guardian recommends regularly updated any resumes stored online so you always create the appearance of a fresh candidate.

Picture by Andrew

The tip comes from Michael Judge of Arts Council England:

f you have uploaded a CV at an agency, make sure you make some changes, even just a few tweaks every couple of weeks – most agencies will only deal with the ones that show as NEW in the last two weeks.

While the advice is pitched at arts graduates (in the narrow sense), it's a useful reminder for anyone who is trying to get their work noticed. We've noted before that you should regularly update your resume even if you're happy in your job, and the principle is even more important if you're not employed.

Life after university – 14 careers tips for arts graduates [The Guardian]


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