FOXTEL On Xbox Now Available Australia-Wide

File this under good-grief-why-didn't-that-happen-sooner: the FOXTEL on Xbox 360 service is now available nationwide, rather than being restricted to locations where FOXTEL is already available.

Nothing else about the service has changed; you'll still pay a minimum of $19.50 a month, and you'll also chew through your download cap if you're not using BigPond. But if you're in a non-FOXTEL area, you're no longer stuck with AUSTAR or nothing as the only choice.



    I shall add you on XBL

    urgh.. foxtel on XBOX is so annoying. Unless of course you buy the entire subscription package, including the channels you would never watch. Hooray for crap navigation around junk channels.

    Sure a few people will upgrade because of it.. but this article reminded me to cancel my subscription. Totally not worth the money!

    Fox sports not available.... FAIL!

    Way to expensive, not enough channels, FAIL!

    You're no longer stuck with Austar because Austar no longer exists, it was purchased by Foxtel, and it is because of this that Foxtel on xbox is available in former austar markets.

    "Foxtel" and "Foxtel on XBOX" are hardly different choices. The latter is a subset of the first. Foxtel has many packages, one of which is XBOX exclusive.

    Austar users have had other choices, such as Fetch, SelecTV and UBI. And Channel BT of course.

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