FlikGift Automates Sending Gift Cards

Need to send someone a gift card as a birthday present in a hurry, or want to join together with several friends to send one? FlikGift automates the process and even shouts you a small amount of credit to get you started.

FlikGift integrates with Facebook to track upcoming birthdays (which is either a major advantage or a mammoth invasion of privacy, depending on your perspective). You can access FlikGift several ways: via its site, through an iOS app, or through a Chrome web app.

Once you've picked a friend, you can send them a gift card from a retailer of your choice (current options include Amazon, Dymocks and Wine Market). Currently, those cards include a small amount of free 'seed money', but you can top up to make the gift look more generous. $5 at Amazon won't get you very far, after all. You can also select a date to notify the recipient of their gift. (Note that if you don't top up the introductory card offer, the expiry period on the cards is much shorter.)

If you hate giving gift cards, this clearly isn't for you, but if you're happy to send them, teaming up with other friends can make the value much more substantial — and at least you can send something on the day if you're forgetful/disorganised. Thoughts?



    This is great, I used it to hook my brother up with a gift for his birthday that I forgot haha. He got a voucher on the day. Beats interstate postage haha.

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