Five Adventure Travel Destinations That Shouldn't Kill Or Maim You

Adventure travel sounds awesome until you head to Pamplona and get gored by a bull. Here are five cool travel activities with a lower chance of death or injury.

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I don't want to overstate the risk of getting injured on holiday. According to figures from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, in the year to February 2012, 981 Australians were admitted to hospital overseas, with Thailand, Indonesia, the US, Italy and China topping the rankings. That's a tiny fraction of the millions of Aussies who depart our shores each year. But the odds are higher if you run with the bulls: of the estimated 20,000 participants, 300 get injured each year.

With that in mind, here are five adventurous but less deadly travel destination suggestions, based in part on your suggestions:

  • Tomatina Festival, Bunol: For a less dangerous street party vibe, head to this annual festival in Spain (held each August) where for an hour people throw tomatoes at each other. (The risk of injury is low as they're pulped beforehand.)
  • Skydiving in the Himalayas: If you're going to skydive, you may as well have the most spectacular view possible.
  • Jetski at Surin Beach in Thailand: 20 minutes away from Phuket by tuktuk but much less touristy, Gizmodo editor Luke recommends this as the ideal place to get your jetski on.
  • Go on safari in Africa: If you want to encounter animals in their native habitat (but from the safety of a vehicle), Africa is still the place to do it.
  • Snowboarding in Australia: Yes, you might break your leg, but you'll understand the hospital system!

Got more additions to this list? Let's hear 'em in the comments.


    Snowboarding in Australia??? really? Australia out of anywhere in the world?

      He's referring to the fact that if you get injured skiing in Australia (as opposed to anywhere else in the world) you will be covered under Medicare and/or private health insurance if you have it, as opposed to going overseas and injuring yourself and not knowing the system over there (not to mention having to pay for travel insurance and the premium you usually have to pay if you choose to go skiing internationally)

        And applying that logic somehow fanging around on a jetski is safer in Thailand than Australia?

          I never mentioned the word "safe" in my comment. That's a different point altogether. I'm merely clarifying what I believe Angus meant by his comment after Snowboarding in Australia: "Yes, you might break your leg, but you’ll understand the hospital system!". This could be applied to any dangerous activity that can be done in Australia vs a foreign country, really.

      I've never snowboarded anywhere else, but get the impression Australia's slopes would be the safest. :P

    Aa mere $25000 per person to skydive in the himalayas. It'd be incredible and all, but that would pay for over 60 skydives in other scenic locations.

    Other than maybe the safari these don't seem particularly adventurous.

      Jumping out of a plane is pretty adventurous

        Statistically, air travel IS the safest form of travel.

        I suppose it's more based around what's your idea of adventurous.

        To me if you can wake up in the morning, go do it and be having a latte by lunch time it's not that adventurous. It could well be thrill seeking however.

    Having been to La Tomatina a few years ago I can guarantee you those tomatoes are pretty damn fresh and not pulped in any way. They hurt.

    walk the camino, climb Kilimanjaro, dive great barrier reef

      and whatever you do dont use any punctuation

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