Embed An RFID Chip Inside Your Phone

Embed An RFID Chip Inside Your Phone

If you use an RFID card, you can embed it right into your phone so you don’t have to carry it around. Electronics DIY website Adafruit shows us how to do it.The process requires you to dissolve the card in acetone so only the RFID antenna remains. When the card is dissolved you wrap the chip and antenna in a few layers of packing tape, fit it snuggly inside your phone, replace the back, and you’re done. Adafruit’s guide is for the iPhone, but you can likely use it for any smartphone you have. It could be handy for work passes, but it might also be a great way to open your door at home. Head over to Adafruit for the full instructions.

RFID iPhone [Adafruit via Make]


  • a bit awkward if you dissolve your photo id card that happens to have the RFID inside.

    however, good to know that the phones electronics won’t mess with the card and vice versa.

  • That’s awesome. I’ve always assumed the card and the phone shouldn’t be together. I’ll skip the idea of dissolving my security pass – but now it’s going to live inside my iphone protective cover.

  • I know many general RFID cards you get explicitly prohibit you messing with them in this way as a condition of their use. I remember a guy years ago did a similar mod with his Oyster card (used to access the tube network in London). Even though the credit on it was valid he didn’t have the actual card and was fined when inspected.

    Just beware of this or any other usage restrictions of your RFID should you want to do something similar.

  • My work RFID card just slips in my Galaxy S under the battery cover, and also works if placed in my wallet along with my bank cards, I suggest others try that first before hacking up or dissolving their cards. Most security guards wont care if you can open the door if they cant see your face on the card.

  • I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work with EVERY smartphone. Any confirmed uses with the Galaxy S3 or the Galaxy Nexus, two phones with NFC built in?

    • I have my MyKi inside my nexus phone cover.
      I stopped carrying it in my wallet since my paypass credit card messes with the MyKi card and vice versa.

  • Myki Uses NFC. So if you have an NFC enabled phone it will probably not work as it’ll be reading two at the same time.

    the bad news is Myki aren’t even thinking about migrating its capability to NFC enabled phones. Which would make a whole lot of sense.

    Here’s how I see it working:
    1. Download an android / iphone app
    2. Login with your myki details
    3. When ever you’re ready to scan your Myki card, open the app touch on/off and you’re done.

    This would solve quite a few existing problems with Myki and be far more convenient for users. (One of those problems is allowing tourists to access our public transport system………. seems like a no brainer).

    There’s nothing stopping Myki from using NFC phones. Except, that the team that deployed Myki are still trying to introduce remote unlocking of myki cards and temporary cards for tourists. So I’d give this capability at least 2-3 years (I am not being sarcastic).

    has anyone tried this hack with their Myki?

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