Don't Mistake Intelligence For Laziness

There's something to be said for doing things the hard way, but an easier method is often smarter. It's also often mistaken for laziness and so we sometimes pass it up. This is a bad idea.

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Achal Aggarwal, co-founder of, explains the problem with the following anecdote:

Someone recently told me a story about their daughter. This is how it goes:

Let's call her 'S'. When she was 11 months old she had not started walking or even crawling for that matter. Everyone was a little worried. They thought of playing a game. They made 'S' sit on one side of a jute mat and placed her favourite toy on the other end. They started calling her name out so she would crawl to the toy to get it.

Guess what she did? She just pulled the mat and got hold of her toy.

Sometimes the best solution is one that requires the least effort, and sometimes it's not. The important thing is to think about the situation and apply no supposed paradigms about how much work you should do. Ask yourself, what's the smartest answer? Sometimes that answer involves doing things the hard way, and sometimes it involves doing the least work possible. Doing less is smart when you get the same results. Be sure you don't think of it as lazy.

Lazy People Innovate [self animate]


    Saying from my youth:
    "To find the easiest way to do a job, put the laziest man on the job!"

    I'm not lazy. I did it right the first time ;p.

    Been saying this to people about kids for years and always get hammered for it. Kids are born so intuative it is amazing to watch. We then corrupt them into over thinking, over eating, etc. We should learn from kids then trying to change/force them into the adult way of thinking.

    Look to results, not methods. If the results aren't there, then look critically at methods.

      The ends don't always justify the means.

    “Progress doesn’t come from early risers - progress is made by lazy men looking for easier ways to do things.” –Robert Heinlein

    Thank you. I have always described myself as naturally lazy. However, the key to being successfully lazy is finding creative ways of doing the things you have to do. I find that routines help too. I really don't want to do most things, but routines take the burden of deciding out of my hands.

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