DIY ‘Door Open’ Lights For Your Car

DIY ‘Door Open’ Lights For Your Car

New cars sometimes come with lights built into the doors — a safety feature that warns other motorists and cyclists of the hazard your car’s open door presents. If you want to try putting them in your car too, Instructables user Carlos shows us how to install them.

You’ll need a 12V RGB LED light set, four electrical wires, a soldering iron, welder wire and soldering paste. Connect the wires to each of the four lines on the light set with the soldering iron and welder wire, and then connect that to the existing wiring in your car’s door.

Full instructions and step-by-step photos can be found at the Instructables link below. Just be sure to check that your tinkering won’t interfere with your car’s warranty.

Preventive lights for door edge [Instructables]


  • Just buy a few strips of reflective tape from ebay. It won’t void your insurance, will take about 10 seconds to install, and will have the same effect (if it’s night, the cars should have their lights on)

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