DIY Cooking Spray

DIY Cooking Spray

Cooking spray means you use less fat than splashing oil around. It isn’t particularly expensive (around $3 for a 500ml can), but it does force you to use a propellant can. Grab a misting spray bottle from a discount store and make your own instead.

Natural living weblog Nature’s Nurture provides a simple formula — one part oil to 4-5 parts boiled/distilled/filtered water. (The reason for the boiled, distilled, or filtered water is that you don’t want bacteria growing in your cooking spray.)

Once you’ve made your cooking spray, ensure you shake it well before using. It will last for a little over a week in your fridge. If you buy oil in bulk, it should also work out a little cheaper.

Homemade Cooking Spray {Tiny Tip Tuesday} [Nature’s Nurture]


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