Direct YouTube Downloader Downloads Channels And Videos In Glorious HD

Windows: YouTube download tools come and go, but Direct YouTube Downloader is a different story. The feature-packed tool lets you download all of your favourites at one time, download an entire YouTube channel at once, lets you pick the resolution to download, and will even convert those videos to play on your preferred mobile device after downloading.

Direct YouTube Downloader can definitely download the occasional video whenever you find one you want to take with you on the train or watch offline, but it really shines when you have a lot of videos you want to download at once. For example, if you want to download all of your favourite videos to watch on a plane trip, you can set the app against your favourite videos and download them all in one go.

The app's feature set is impressive as well. Direct YouTube Downloader supports any video resolution, all the way up to Ultra HD 4K videos, and it lets you specify which resolution to download. You can also tell the app what mobile device you have (or, if you already know, which format you prefer), and it will download and convert the file to play on that device. Direct YouTube Downloader is completely free and works like a charm. Have a favourite alternative? Don't bother downloading YouTube videos because you're always online anyway? Let us know in the comments below.

Direct YouTube Downloader [Major Share via Tekzilla Daily]



    Free YouTube Downloader Version 3.5.126 Works fine.

    Direct Youtube Downloader crashes on my comp.

      I also use YTD/YouTube Downloader which does the channel DLs, will grap whatever video format you want, and also does video conversion (I've never used that feature.) I noticed while installing D-YT-DL that it grabbed a get_pre_offering_checks.xml file with info about toolbars and registry keys. because of that I haven't used the program. Has anybody noticed any toolbars getting installed in the background?

    any great options for mac uses? I'm using fastest youtube downloader atm... any better options?

    I liked Darren Yates' "YouGrab" software from the July 2011 software DVD of Australian PC User magazine (RIP, kinda), but I think the 'download an entire channel' feature will make me switch!

    how many times do you have to tell it NO! i dont want a bloody toolbar or to change my homepage. I simply canceled the installation and deleted after the SECOND time it asked about the crapware. Dissapointed that lifehacker would put forward a dodgy app as this. More screening needs to be done.

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