Dealhacker: Up To 50% Off Lonely Planet Titles

Dealhacker: Up To 50% Off Lonely Planet Titles

Lonely Planet has up to 50 per cent off all print and digital titles right now. Postage is free if you spend more than $50. Is this connected to Lonely Planet losing 50 million pounds in value since the BBC acquired it in 2007? Your call. [Lonely Planet via OzBargain]


  • hmmmm… should I lug a heavy book halfway around the world? or just get it on my smartphone?

    i wonder why no-one wants the physical versions!!

  • If people want the print versions they’re better of going to Book Depository. Cheaper prices and free delivery on all orders. Kinda says something about inflated book prices in Australia when books can be posted from the other side of the world and still beat a local 50%-off sale.

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