Dealhacker: Extra Dozen Krispy Kreme Doughnuts For 75 Cents

To celebrate its 75th birthday, today (Friday June 13) if you buy any dozen doughnuts at a company outlet Krispy Kreme will sell you an extra dozen original glazed doughnuts for just 75 cents (the regular price is $15.95). It's an in-store only offer, and I rather suspect there will be crowds despite a one-deal-per-person rule. [Krispy Kreme]


    Where's the usual LH health caveat? An article about a new KFC line warns the reader to avoid fries, but show us a dozen extra KK and...nothing?

    Consistency LH, consistency...

    Only in participating US stores, says the US site. No mention of it at all on the Australian site.

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