Dealhacker: ALDI $59.99 eBook Reader

Another cheap-but-basic ALDI deal: a 7-inch colour Bauhn ebook reader is on sale tomorrow for $59.99, with 4GB of memory and an SD card slot. It handles the obvious ebook formats (PDF, ePub, MOBI and text).

Despite the low price, I'd definitely lean towards a basic Kindle model ahead of this. Having a colour screen isn't as important as having a straightforward reading and book-buying experience. A weird side note: ALDI is also selling print copies of Guitar For Dummies and Piano For Dummies for way less than any online seller Booko can locate, should you require one. If you do succumb to the Bauhn, tell us how it plays in the comments.



    It's not the model mentioned in is it? The Adobe tech
    support person there doesn't seem to have a very customer focused
    attitude, does he? If it *IS* that model, run away, FAST!

    I'd never get an e-reader without an e-ink display or something
    that works as effectively.

    There should be a ruling that unless it has a proper, e-ink/e-paper
    display, it can't be called an e-reader.

    where can I see the specs list? .mobi is a format created by mobipocket. mobipocket is now owned by amazon for use in their kindles. I don't think they license this format to anyone else....

    It's sixty dollars. At that price I'd be happy if it even switched on ! However, It's great. I have one attached with velcro to the back of each headrest in the car for the kids to watch movies or listen to their music. Simple to use, good screen clarity, very cheap. What's that ? you can read books on it as well ? Lovely......

    Got one of these the morning of release. Been using it every day. The clarity is amazing, ePub is the best eBook format for these. The movies are excellently clear and the music is great listening. It really is like a mini tablet. Well worth the $60.

    Hi, I'm new to this site. Did anyone manage to buy one of these E-readers from Aldi? They sold out within the first 5 mins at my local store. I am actually looking for something to play my music and music video clips on. I work in a noisy open-plan office, so headphones on most of the time is required to stay sane. I don't need anything fancy......
    any suggestions?

      This ebook reader looks exactly like the 'Laser EB850' model I just bought..just with the Bauhn name on it...and Laser ebook readers can be found in retail stores and online....if you buy it online..wait until there are specials...Laser RB850 RRP $150 - thats also what retail stores sell it for unless its on can range from on special $50 - $70...this model is now being some great specials on it...hope this helps

    I love mine. for 1/4 of the price of the kindle it is great.

    I got one for Christmas its really good . but as it doesnt have WIFI, need to download books to my computer, can anyone suggest a good ebook website that would support this, that is the only reason I would get a Kindle or the like as it would be alot easier to download books

    Yep....thinking of buying one for the wife....this saturday 13.4.2013.........seems good price for starting to learn how to use one.....question.. what is e ink/e paper familiar with this.....still learning.......can anyone clarify this for me.....please

      Hi Alan, e-ink, or electrophoretic ink, is the chief technology used in e-readers. It simulates traditional printed paper and is generally better suited for reading than a tablet or laptop screen. On the downside, the display isn't illuminated which makes it difficult to read in the dark -- just like a book, in fact.

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