Dealhacker: $4.95 Pick Up Domino's Pizzas Via iPhone

From now until July 8, Domino's is offering $4.95 pick up pizzas if you order via the iPhone app — no code required. I can't help thinking this is deliberately timed for State Of Origin, though if that's the case you'll need to get in early to not miss the start of the game. [via OzBargain]


    android users are better than this, WE DONT NEED THIS! they know only the stupid zombies in society will throw them selves at this deal buying tones of cheap chemical processed artery clogging pizza, the the stupid dont think they will never realise they are slowly killing them selves. thats why they only offer the deal to the iphone user, their biggest market...

    put it on android dominios!! i wat some pizza DAMIT!! xD

    dominos** what** and whatever else i screwed up..

      @jayrrr - but you guys love a cheap deal and poor quality which endangers you...

    In our house, we have three Android phones and one iPhone.

    We also love pizza. Phew!

    So many butthurt android owners whingeing. You bought an inferior product, deal with it. I bought cheap pizza today, can't wait to do it again tomorrow!

      Ahahahahaha +1. Deal with it ladies!

    Guys its OK! For all android users you can simulate the iPhone from your computer by downloading the Iphone SDK from the apple website. Run the Dominos iPhone app from you computer, order pizza, profit... You're welcome :-)

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