CloudOn Microsoft Office For Tablets Finally Available For Australians

Our excitement at the potential of CloudOn, a tablet app which provides access to Microsoft Office apps, was rapidly tempered earlier this year with the realisation that the Android and iOS apps weren't available in Australia. Fortunately for us, that has now been remedied and both free apps can be downloaded from their respective local stores.

On both platforms, you essentially log into a virtualised version of Microsoft Office, which lets you access the full set of desktop features. You wouldn't want to use it as your main interface with Office, but for quick reviewing or creation of documents when you only have a tablet to hand, it's very useful and entirely cost-free. (You can grab existing files from Google Drive, Dropbox or Box.) There's also built-in access to Adobe Reader.

CloudOn: iTunes App Store, Google Play


    Cheers can't wait to try. I have 3 office apps on my gtab + Google docs and I think they're all crap. Can't wait to try

    Just loaded it up on my tablet. Slow as treacle, working area icons are way to small. Plus you'd think if it's using a word program from MS that you would be able to log in via Skydrive, which isn't mentioned.

    was expecting a full microsoft office experience on android but the only catch is that it's slow and requires internet so no offline editing :(

    Yeah pretty slow. I was really looking forward to it, will have to give it a proper go and see how it fares (agree that other office apps are garbage)

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