Chromebooks Work With Australian 3G Networks

We've complained frequently that Google's Chromebooks haven't yet seen an official Australian release. No word on that changing yet, but if you do score one, they appear to work just fine with local SIM cards with a little tweaking, as Lifehacker reader Owen explains.

Owen obtained a Chromebook by getting one sent to a friend in California. Working on the go is one of the browser-only-notebook's main selling points, so he decided to put it to the test:

I wanted to see if it would work on Australian 3G networks, so I purchased a Telstra mobile broadband starter kit and a $30 recharge voucher. I entered "modem set-carrier Generic UMTS" into crosh, inserted the SIM card into the slot underneath the CR-48's battery, and after booting, the Telstra 3G network appeared in the network list! It works flawlessly.

Good to know if you're tempted to import a Chromebook or grab one on a holiday or work trip. Thanks Owen!


    Hi i'm also in Australian with a CR-48 The 3G work out of the Box if you use this guide
    Use the Cr-48 with Any 3G Carrier

    Would you Know how to get it Working on Windows 7/8

    The CR-48 is Running On Window 8 everything works fine even the 3G Driver its working

    Follow this guide to use the Gobi 2000 3G hardware under Windows 8

    Now It cant Connect to the Australian 3G Network
    would be good if you can Help out or Know anyone that can


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