Build The Perfect Utensil Drawer Organiser

The next time you drop by your local hardware store, ask for a few extra paint stirrer sticks. With just a few of them, you can arrange your utensil drawer into segments so that everything fits nicely, instead of spending money on a drawer organiser that doesn't quite fit.

Over at Dreaming In Color, Deneen used a handsaw to size the whole organiser and glue to stick the paint sticks together once she had arranged them the way she wanted them to rest in the drawer. You could glue them to the drawer bottom, but she noted that she didn't want the organiser to be permanent, so she measured the drawer before assembling them so they'd fit without being impossible to remove later.

The end result looks pretty good — you could also paint the sticks so you don't have a logo in your utensil drawer. You also may not need to use a saw, depending on the size of your drawers. All in all, the project cost Deneen a grand total of free, since the sticks were free and she had the saw and glue at home already. Even if you have to pick up some glue, it'd still result in a cheaper, custom utensil organiser for your kitchen drawers. What do you think? Have a way to improve the method? Let's hear it in the comments below.

Utensil Drawer Organizer [Dreaming In Color]


    I built my own kitchen and the reason I didn't make the cutlery draw like that, is because you would constantly be pulling it out the full distance to get the item you want. Make it the normal way and you don't need to pull it all the way out. That's why it's generally always built that way.

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