Boom Makes Your Crappy MacBook Speakers Louder, Is 30% Off Today Only

If your Mac's speakers leave a little bit to be desired, Boom will boost your volume past its maximum point, making that sound easier to hear.

We've talked about Boom before, and its really easy to use. Just start it up and click on its menu bar icon when you want to raise the volume. Its only downside was its price tag, but today it's been discounted down to $5.49. We'd still love to see it a dollar or two cheaper, but we'll take what we can get — plus it has a free trial if you want to try it out before you buy.

Boom [Mac App Store via AppShopper]


    I'm wary of these things on two levels.

    First is that if were that easy to simply boost the quality of the speakers inside the device with a software hack... then surely the OEM of the device would have already DONE that to give it's product the best possible user experience ?

    Second.. lets assume the OEM does really know what their equipment is capable of, and they set the output limit where it is for a reason... ie: that's the safe limit of the volume the speakers can go. So you then come along, knowing far more than the hardware and software engineers who designed and built the device... and decide you can ramp it way past the limit they set. Then it breaks in some way and you want them to replace/repair under warranty. Thus falsely driving up the cost of everyone else's warranty over time. Thanks.

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