‘Blogging Is Like A Puppy’

‘Blogging Is Like A Puppy’

“Blogging is like a puppy. Don’t get one if you can’t look after it properly.” Veteran Australian blogger Kate Carruthers says that’s always her first piece of advice to aspiring bloggers, and they are wise words.

One of the most common blogging phenomena is the abandoned blog: a site started in a rush of enthusiasm and then neglected for months on end. Maintaining a successful blog requires time and planning; you should schedule content and ideas in advance and set aside time regularly to write.

Check out Kate’s full presentation from last weekend’s WordCamp Sydney for lots more hints on getting started and succeeding as a blogger.

Your blog your brand — tips on getting started with your blog


  • I’d say the most important one is: only write when you have something to say. I’d much rather read one post a month about something interesting than the daily post about how you slept and your thoughts on human relationships.

    RSS feeds mean I can easily keep up with hundreds of blogs, so why would I read something with a low signal to noise ratio?

  • Couldn’t agree more with the above comment by Stove.

    Letting good blog posts get swamped by a sea of mediocre “filler” – all for the sake of keeping up the posting frequency – is an effective way to make readers unsubscribe from a blog. I’ve stopped reading many for that reason.

  • … Analogies are like babies. Bringing a terrible ones into the
    public make people so very upset. An abandoned blog is if not the
    most trivial failing in the world, certainly in contention for that
    title. A neglected puppy probably matters a little more, all things

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