Avoid Autocorrect Mistakes On iOS By Typing An Extra Letter

If you want to keep your text messages from becoming another autocorrect disaster, GigaOM has a simple tip for typing out words you know aren't in your phone's dictionary.

When you type a word the iPhone doesn't know, it'll usually pop up a correction, which you can tap to ignore. But this can be hard to hit, especially when you're trying to type really fast. Instead, you can just add an extra letter to your word, then delete it without skipping a beat:

If you're trying to type a word that your iPhone does not know, simply type an extra letter on the end of the word and then delete it. So if I was trying to the type the word "Apple" and I knew my iPhone would not recognise it, I would type "Applez" then delete the "z" off the end of it and then can just press spacebar without the phone trying to auto-correct me.

Note that if you want the word in your dictionary, you'll want to go the official way of clicking the "x" when it tries to autocorrect your word. But if you're in a hurry, this actually is a bit faster once you get it in to your muscle memory.

Quick Tip: Increase iPhone Typing Speed & Accuracy [GigaOM]


    It would make so much more sense if you had to tap to accept a correction rather than tap to reject a change.

    Not really, I'm typing this on ios now and so far I've made three mistakes. (now five!)

    That's five taps I would have needed to do to type this up.

    This article however did give me the bright idea of adding "fick" into my text expansion though, now it expands to fuck.

    Or, you know, just disable auto-correct (and leave spell-check enabled)...

      I honestly don't get why people are constantly like "Stupid Autocorrect!" it's not exactly hard to just turn it off.

    Another related tip: if you're halfway through a long word that you think should have been recognised by now, e.g. you've typed "excell" and you want it to hurry up and realise you mean "excellent", then instead of hitting 'e' as the next letter, hit 'r' or something incorrect. It'll pick it up and suggest "excellent" to you. Quite annoying that you have to do that to get it to wake up, but if you know about it, it can be handy.

    Or just turn it off? Surely a sensabile spelling mistakke is better than masturbating a chicken?

      Pretty much the WORST english I have ever seen. Go check YOUR spelling mistakkes (sic)

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