Australia Post App Sends Postcards From Your iPhone (And Charges Less Than Apple)

iOS: Apple has its own Cards app for sending actual postcards using photos from your iPhone, but $4.99 is expensive to send a postcard, especially within Australia. Australia Post's rival Postcards app performs a similar function and charges a lower $1.99 for sending to Australian addresses, or $2.99 for international dispatch.

The one advantage that Apple's app has is the ability to charge the postcard to your iTunes account; for the Australia Post option, you'll need to use a credit card or PayPal. But at less than half price, it seems a good choice if you want to impress a luddite friend with a physical postcard.

Australia Post Postcards [iTunes App Store]


    Hay, isn't that duplicating functionality, won't that confuse users?

    Oz post going to get so sued! Pretty sure Apple invented and patented postcards..

      Vodafone in the UK were doing this way before Apple's app existed. You sent an MMS to Voda with the picture, address and a short note and they sent out your postcade. I'm pretty sure it only cost around 30p too.

      Pretty sure, Apple have seen the app considering it's on THEIR app store.

    Buy some credits at I use them when I am OS and they work a treat.

    I've been using Photocard by Bill atkinson app for a while - works nicely

    Postcard on the run does it for $1.69 and is multiplatform. The usual Lifehacker Apple bias shows, you should be focusing on multiplatform apps where they exist.

    I'm always taken aback at the level of nastiness shown towards the wonderful hard-working guys at Lifehacker and Gizmodo. We get awesome stories for free, every day of the year, and yet a lot of readers think it is their right to harshly criticse whenever a story doesn't quite fit their own views of the world. Get over it and give thanks where it's due. The main point about this story is that it is an Australia Post app, which is a noteworthy move by the traditional mail-handler. What is frustrating to point out is why government agencies always seem to release iOS versions of apps first (the ABC is another culprit here). Android has a much bigger user base, so why do they always cater to the smaller group first? Android apps eventually follow, but they are usually a poor imitiation of the iOS version.

    Just a minor clarification—Apple's Cards app delivers greeting cards, which fold in two and fit in an envelope. This app from Australia Post delivers a postcard: a shiny card, not folded, with an image on one side and a message on the other. The former is usually sent by people for birthdays and other occasions, whereas the latter is more commonly sent by those on holiday. Different market.

    The Australia Post Post Card application is broken and can no longer be found on the app store - A real shame - The Aust Post website ( just states "The Postcards app is currently being updated and should be available for download again soon." but if you try the link it no longer seems to exist in the Australian iTunes Store ( and other information(under FAQ) states "We are currently experiencing some delays with postcard printing. We hope to have this resolved as soon as possible." which suggests Australia Post has run into trouble actually printing the cards. - A Facebook question on application status has not yet elevated a reply from Australia Post - I'm now looking at Postino and Touchnote. - Shame Aust Post! - I really felt you had a winner there and wanted to support you.

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